Murray + Cara + The Bump

I love shooting out in Fernie, and those of you that know me, know I spend a lot of time in the Elk Valley. It was one such morning, in a place not far from the town of Fernie that met up with Cara and Murray. Just as I pulled out the camera, it started to pour – started raining buckets. No time to re-schedule, the baby was set to arrive within a week or so, as such we toughed it out and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Such a sweet couple that I’ve gotten to know over the years after shooting their engagement session, and then for numerous years of shooting for the Fernie Brewing Company. I’m so excited to get to meet the newest addition to their family – slated to make an appearance any day now!!_ND86900 _ND86860 _ND86864 _ND86872 _ND86886 _ND86913 _ND86930 _ND86951 _ND86966 _ND86970 _ND86985 _ND86993 _ND87013 _ND87020 _ND87051 _ND87065 _ND87071 _ND87086

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