Ashley & Mike – Summer wedding at Heritage Park, Calgary

A month ago, on a sunny Saturday morning, I awoke just a little early, too excited to sleep any longer. The night before I had received a call from Mike letting me know that he had planned a special start to Ashley’s day. I got to Lather Salon in time to set up a covert position, and watch as the girls arrived by limo. What Mike had arranged was a special performance by Decidedly Jazz Danceworks in Calgary, complete with personalized signs displayed during the dance. It was such a treat to watch Ashley’s face as the surprise unfolded – and trust me there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere (myself included!). What an amazing start to a fantastic wedding day. After hanging out with the girls at the salon, I headed over to join the guys and pry them away from the NHL14 game underway. From there we headed over to Heritage Park, a personal favourite for any event/visit, and set up a sneak-attack style reveal. Again, watching Mike getting to see Ashley for the first time in her stunning wedding dress was phenomenal. After a few shots in Gasoline Alley, we headed off with the bridal party into the park to explore a couple sites I had scoped out on an earlier visit. I’ve shot at the park a few times, and the real trick is working around the hundreds of families with kids running all over the place. Not to worry, the spots I had in mind we had to ourselves. Back to the entrance, and into the ceremony beautifully captured by Strawberry Films Forever, followed by cocktails in the founders lounge, and then into Gasoline Alley, all decked out in wedding finery by the highly skilled Alexandra Slawek, her team, and the staff at Heritage Park. Speeches, toasts, laughs, tears, and hours of fun dancing to one of my favourite live event bands TR3. Such a treat to spend the day with them, I can’t help but smile when I think of their wedding day!!_D3X0771_D3X0765DSC_1859 _D3X1206 DSC_1809 _D3X1307 _D3X1412 _D3X1448 _D3X1494 _D3X1523 DSC_1995 _D3X1495 _D3X1572 _D3X1604 _D3X1240 _D3X1284 DSC_1787 DSC_2069 DSC_2125 _D3X1658 _D3X1722 _D3X1773 _D3X1886 _D3X1943 _D3X1981 DSC_2235 DSC_2298 DSC_2498 DSC_2543 DSC_2740 DSC_2881 DSC_2833 _D3X1933 DSC_2902 DSC_2904 _D3X2001 DSC_2983 DSC_3088 DSC_3132 DSC_3160 _D3X2033 DSC_3437 DSC_3460 DSC_3533 DSC_1752 _D3X2135


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