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Kelsey & Blaine – Summer wedding in the Kananaskis Valley, Alberta

Kananaskis is my not-so-top secret little place south west of Calgary, where I have spent countless hours in my life. I am fortunate to have a small cabin in the woods, still with no running water in the winter and no cell service any time of year in this beautiful and picturesque valley. When Kelsey first contacted me about shooting her and Blaine’s wedding this past summer I couldn’t have been happier. We even headed out there last fall to do an engagement session including one spot that later was used in the movie The Revenant – yep, it’s a pretty special spot. Fast forward to their wedding day and as the girls were getting ready the planner was quizzing Kelsey about having the ceremony indoors or out with the storm clouds moving through the mountains. She stuck to her plan to have it outdoors, and it worked out perfectly. Just as they were saying their I do’s, the clouds parted and a warm beam of sun painted the side of the mountain. We had it for some of the family photos, then as we headed off to do the bridal party shots the clouds threatened again, but allowed just enough time to get out and get a bunch of shots with this fun group. The reception was full of laughs, a few tears, and some unreal dance moves!
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Whitehorse Yukon Wedding – Anna & Ryan

If you’re wondering where you should have your wedding next summer, may I suggest Whitehorse. I had been there once before a couple years ago, but spending the weekend there to shoot Anna & Ryan’s wedding really opened my eyes to what a fantastic place it is. Whenever I’m visiting a new city for a wedding shoot, I spend a lot of time scouting the area – on foot, by car, sometimes even by boat or by bike. I was blown away by how pretty and unique this community in the Yukon is – wonderful friendly people, nature all around, and the perfect backdrop for a wedding shoot. The wedding was just a couple days before the summer solstice, and it took a little getting used to the sun hitting the horizon near midnight. We had some luck on our side and got one of the nicest, warmest June days you could ask for, which added one more perk to an already special day. I loved getting to capture their wedding, in a place that is so special to them, and now a special place to me – filled with a ton of wonderful new memories.

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Calgary Ismaili Wedding – Farah & Nabil

Love these two – and the incredible wedding they had this summer! I have been lucky enough to shoot a number of beautiful Ismaili weddings over the last few years and each one builds on the last in some special way. I’ve seen the ceremonies enough to know what to expect, and yet I am still awestruck by each separate event. It was no different for Farah & Nabil – on a day that was threatening a healthy dose of good-luck wedding day rain, we got to St. Patricks Island in Calgary just in time to avoid the drops, and still capture some beautiful images. Seeing them hold each other with the white fluff floating through the viewfinder almost made me think it was snowing – magical. Some tips for the uninitiated at Ismaili weddings: m&m’s are much more than just a tasty candy, the sapatia is harder to break than you think, you might need a waterproof enclosure for your camera at the Pithi ceremony, and watch out for flying beetlenuts.

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Michelle & Jerry – Engagement Session of laughter and love

Michelle & Jerry found their way in front of my cameras the other week – a wicked fun couple that were up for anything I threw at them – a great precursor for their wedding this summer!! I’ve picked a few sneaks to share from our esession downtown – I love working with the evening light in the city.

Sarah and Ken – The Beautiful Banff Wedding

A little over a decade ago a dashing young man named Ken appeared on the docks of King Pacific Lodge in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. How could I have known at the time that not only would he become my boss, my close friend, but also (finally) a client on the other side of the camera with his beautiful wife Sarah on his arm? I couldn’t have been happier for Kenny B as he introduced me to his fiancee Sarah – an absolute spark plug, and a perfect match for my friend. It was an honour to be asked to shoot their wedding out in Banff this spring – on a spectacular sunny day in the rockies. The ceremony was held at the Banff Centre in an outdoor amphitheatre under blue skies, then the reception followed up at Mt. Norquay – a ski resort adjacent to town. I’ve shot at a handful of ski resorts before – both in the summer and in the winter, and love when a team of creative people like Katie and the Rocky Mountain Weddings crew know how to work their magic. I hadn’t shot a wedding at either of these venues, so it was a treat for me. We only did a quick 45 minute shoot between events to keep the day moving along for their family and guests, but the shots I did capture will live long in my memory, including a personal favourite of them atop a tree that overlooks the valley. I am so excited for Sarah & Ken and what the future has in store for this couple!_D3X3040 _D3X3074 _D3X2975 _D3X3045 _D3X3007 DSC_5972 DSC_5937 DSC_5984 DSC_5743 DSC_5762 _D3X3092 DSC_6025 DSC_5849 DSC_5838 DSC_5887 DSC_6171 DSC_6195 _D3X3149 _D3X3151 DSC_6278 DSC_6260 DSC_6332 DSC_6421 DSC_6429 DSC_6532 _D3X3197 _D3X3255 _D3X3274 _D3X3302 _D3X3318 _D3X3336 DSC_6577 DSC_6613 _D3X3342 _D3X3359 DSC_6640 DSC_6651 DSC_6666 _D3X3366 DSC_6834 DSC_6840 DSC_6842 DSC_6905 DSC_6853 DSC_6778 DSC_6893 _D3X3390

Engagement session with Emily & Brian

A few sneaks from a wedding I am so excited to shoot this summer – love love love this couple!!!
DSC_6957 _D3X3496 _D3X3580 DSC_6970 DSC_6988 DSC_7006 _D3X3521 DSC_7128 DSC_7186 DSC_7351

2015-2016 NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew

One of the commercial – portrait shoots I definitely look forward to every year is the Calgary Flames Fire & Ice crew. They’re all a ton of fun – many of which I’ve gotten to know over the last 6+ years of doing this shoot. We’ve done the portraits up in the catwalk, on the main concourse, in the seats & under the seating, on the players bench, in the team dressing room, at the Zamboni entrance, outside the dome, and by the massive loading dock to name a few. We’ve had fireworks, sumo suits, music, dance-offs, fog machines, and more than a few laughs along the way. Many of you probably only know them from the other side of the boards as the beautiful women on the ice with the giant shovels or handing out prizes in the stands. What you might not know is all the charity events they’re at, the fact they’re athletes, university & college students, and simply super awesome people that make shooting for the Flames that much more fun.

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