Wakesurfing Bride – A World First? – Trash the Dress

Take an energetic and adventurous Bride, throw in a purpose built Tige boat driven by her new husband, add a passing summer storm, a double rainbow, and finish off with a creamsicle sky and you get ‘Wakesurfing Bride’! From what I can find, this has never been done, or documented before! Cheri and I talked about doing this shoot long before the wedding, and even though the plan was almost derailed by a pretty fast moving storm, we still got the whole family out in the boat and had a great time. Barely 24 hours before we were gently handling the wedding gown, making sure not a single thread was out of place. Fast forward to this evening, and I think at one point it was stuffed in a black plastic bag (which, after getting out in the water, seemed to make sense). I’m sure there’s more than a few wedding gowns hanging in closets collecting dust that would love to see the light of day like this one did! 


9 thoughts on “Wakesurfing Bride – A World First? – Trash the Dress

  1. You had to be there to beleive it!!!!!!Only our daughter would do something like this.It was exciting to be in the boat for the moment we will never forget.My cousin from Australia said he had now seen everything.Amazing work Mark!!!!!!

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