Cheri & Darcy – Quesnel BC Wedding Photography

Driving from Calgary to Quesnel is a 12 hour adventure that takes you through some incredible and spectacular scenery. I was glued to the window pretty much the whole way. When Cheri contacted me regarding her wedding in this northern BC city, I was excited to say the least. I’ve known Cheri & Darcy for the better part of 10+ years, but hadn’t seen them in a long time. To get to spend the weekend with them, their friends, and families was wonderful. I did my scouting the day before the wedding, and quickly discovered that there would be far more places catching my eye then hours we’d have to shoot! The weather dealt us a rain card, but this didn’t dampen the spirits one bit. I loved revisiting this wedding through the editing process and am so happy for Cheri & her new husband Darcy. Congratulations to you guys! 


15 thoughts on “Cheri & Darcy – Quesnel BC Wedding Photography

  1. WOW!!! I knew these would turn out amazing and it’s more than I anticipated!! Awesome job Mark and Cheri, you were born for modeling!! You both look SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Cheri, you are STUNNING! The pictures are so creative and tastefully done. Darcy, looking handsome. Thank you for sharing.xxoo

  3. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!You would never know by these beautiful pictures that it was raining.A awesome job Mark!Also Cheri & Darcy.

  4. wow-these are honestly the best wedding photos I have EVER seen! congratulations to you both! you are a gorgeous bride Cheri!

  5. Congratulations guys!! Cheri, you looked stunning! Love the dress. Too bad about the rain. Amazing photographs considering. Should lease them to Shutterstock and iPhoto and make some cash. I played piano for a wedding ceremony on the 31st (300 people!). Would much rather have been there. All the best guys!

  6. What a totally gorgous couple. Cheri and Darcy you both looked beautiful, Brilliant photography Mark. Many awesome photographs and so creative and tastefully done.

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