Jenny & Chris – Wedding at the Bar 11 Ranch

I’ve always loved shooting in the foothills of the rocky mountains in Alberta, so when Jenny and Chris mentioned they would be doing their ceremony on a ranch just north of the Crowsnest pass I was really excited. We did a fantastic engagement session just off highway 3, about an hour south of the ranch, where I got to know that this couple would be amazing to work with. On the morning of the wedding driving south past the city limits I couldn’t help but smile. It was one of those gorgeous blue sky days in early September where the warm summer air just hung about you like a favourite blanket. I met up with the girls getting ready at the house, and felt right at home myself. The guys opted to get into their tuxes at the ranch just down the road – a series of old hunting cabins. Fast forward to the ceremony, and picture the guests seated facing the eastern slopes of the rockies, with Jenny arriving by horse drawn wagon, held tight by her dad’s arm. Following the ceremony we checked out a couple old farm buildings on the property, and eventually made our way back to the beautifully decorated tents. The food was second to none – many thanks to the hard work of Devour Catering! After the food was cleared, the dance floor was filled and stayed that way thanks to the band TR3 – some really talented musicians I’ve been lucky enough to see over the years. Driving home under the inky blue sky and stars I found myself still smiling – thank you Jenny & Chris!!!


5 thoughts on “Jenny & Chris – Wedding at the Bar 11 Ranch

  1. Spectacular pics! Our vision was blurred through happy tears……many thanks for capturing our memories of this most joyous of occasions ! Signed “Mum & Dad of the Groom”

  2. Wow! Just discovered your site and these beautiful photographs of Jenny and Chris’ wedding. We loved being part of that special celebration. Absolutely stunning!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn,

      It was a gorgeous wedding, but the reason you can’t get a hold of them is that it’s a private ranch. If you’re looking for a similar setting, you might check out a place like Rafter 6 Ranch west of Calgary, or even The Ranche restaurant in Fish Creek Park. I’ve also shot some weddings in the Millarville area that have a similar country feel. I hope this helps!


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