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Nepal Earthquake Relief – Fundraiser

Two years ago my wife and I visited this incredible country, fell in love with the people we met, and were devastated to hear of their recent terrible loss and suffering. I wanted to do something, and have decided to make my private collection of images available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds going to the Nepal Earthquake Relief. All funds donated prior to May 25th 2015 will be matched by the Canadian Government. Please contact me or 403.605.0503 if you have any questions, would like to inquire about custom sizes, or other printing/mounting options. EBC Pano1 sml

On the trail to Everest Base Camp – Nepal GokyoPanoramasml

Sunrise on Gokyo Lake, Nepal ND8_8865smlLooking back towards Sapana Village on the edge of Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Local transportation – Sapana Village, Nepal ND8_9128sml

B&W Buddhist Mani Prayer Stone (mantra of Avalokiteshvar) along Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal ND8_9166sml

Gompa in the sunshine, near Tengboche, Nepal ND8_9175sml

Starry skies over Tengboche, Nepal ND8_9179sml

Tengboche Buddhist Monastary at night, Nepal ND8_9266sml

Cloud blankets on Mt. Everest (Sagarmāthā), Nepal ND8_9315sml

Frozen prayer flags on Cho-la pass, Nepal prayerstoneSML

Colourful Buddhist Mani Prayer Stone (mantra of Avalokiteshvar) along Everest Base Camp Trail, Nepal


100% of Proceeds from purchase donated to Nepal Earthquake Relief

Print Options – Kodak Endura Metallic Prints:

8″x12″ – $20
11″x14″ or 12″x18″ – $25
14″x20″ – $50
15″x30″ or 20″x30″ – $100
24″x48″ or 30″x40″ – $200

Printed directly onto sheet aluminum:

8″x12″ – $50
11″x14″ or 12″x18″ – $75
14″x20″ – $125
15″x30″ or 20″x30″ – $200
24″x48″ or 30″x40″ – $400

Belle & Shaun – Spring Wedding in Vancouver, BC


It’s a treat to asked to shoot a wedding, and especially so when you know the person asking is also a professional photographer. This past month I was asked to fly out to Vancouver to capture a wedding for Belle & Shaun on Valentines Day. I love being back on the coast, having called both Victoria and Vancouver home for the better part of 6 years, and to be there to shoot for such a fun couple made it even more special. I really wanted to reflect their energy in the images I captured as well as the locations picked to shoot – the combination of which is found below. I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went by, and how natural they were in front of the lens. Being there to witness their beautiful wedding, strong religious foundation, and love for each other was something I will cherish! Hot off the press – their beautiful wedding video is now online.DSC_8869 _D3X8841 DSC_9004 DSC_9046 DSC_8837 _D3X8896 DSC_9121 DSC_9103 DSC_9163 DSC_9174 DSC_9220 DSC_9318 _D3X9130 _D3X9245 _D3X9398 _D3X9458 DSC_9992 DSC_0101 DSC_0112 DSC_0141 DSC_9753 DSC_9885 DSC_9494 DSC_9508 _D3X9443 DSC_0389 _D3X9472 DSC_0396 DSC_0514 _D3X9609

Fall family session in the park



Kids are amazing – the energy is infectious and I simply love how everything in their world is a game. I had to turn off the adult part of my brain, and just let the kid in me make the decisions the other day during a family  portrait session. These two little boys were a blast to shoot and definitely kept us adults on the move! I had so much fun hanging out with the family, it was a treat getting to see them again after getting to meet them during a wedding I shot for Kerra & Mark out in BC this summer.
_D3X4090 _D3X4097 _D3X4104 _D3X4120 _D3X4145 _D3X4159 _D3X4188 _D3X4243 _D3X4294 _D3X4303 _D3X4307 DSC_0065 DSC_0122 DSC_0163 DSC_0239 DSC_0363 DSC_0459 DSC_0469 DSC_0541 DSC_0550 DSC_0554 DSC_0567 DSC_0587 DSC_0654 DSC_0732

Salma & Aleem – Calgary Ismaili Wedding


Ismaili weddings are always full of bright colours, amazing food, warm friendly people, and religious traditions that date back thousands of years. It’s creatively inspiring, and eye opening to say the least. When Salma and Aleem first got in touch with me and asked me to capture their Ismaili wedding this summer, I knew it would be a lot of fun. We met up earlier in the summer for their engagement session where I got a better feel for how they interacted with each other, their awesome sense of humour and playful nature. On their wedding day I found a couple spots I had always wanted to visit and shoot, and these two were more than game for anything I threw their way. The wedding ceremony took place next to the Bridgeland Community with the city skyline as the backdrop on a gorgeous sunny September day. Following the ceremony (Nikkah), we headed off to one more spot that had only been opened to the public earlier that week – lucky timing! Then on to the reception for food, music, dancing and the Sapatia. As I was editing their wedding day images I was reminded of how caring they are for each other, and the consideration they put into each element of their wedding week. I got to meet their extended families during the Puro & Pithi ceremonies the week of their wedding, and could see where their fun personalities came from. Of course it was no different with the group of friends that joined them in the wedding party – with a number of them flying in from Europe and Australia to be there. Such a treat to witness two amazing people come together in marriage and start the next chapter of their lives!
DSC_8271 DSC_8284 DSC_8280 DSC_8362 DSC_8335 DSC_8395 DSC_8561 _D3X9492 DSC_8602 DSC_8521 DSC_8442 DSC_8476 DSC_8612 DSC_8656 DSC_8666 _D3X9584 _D3X9638 _D3X9686 _D3X9748 _D3X9857 DSC_8805 DSC_8919 DSC_9083 DSC_9116 DSC_9170 DSC_9205 DSC_9354 DSC_9491 DSC_9676 DSC_9593 DSC_9802 _D3X9895 DSC_9985 DSC_0027 DSC_0068 DSC_0230 DSC_0339 DSC_0346 DSC_0397 DSC_0476 _D3X9947 _D3X9989 DSC_0495 DSC_0532 DSC_0575 DSC_0538 DSC_0565 _D3X0028

Amy & Steve – Emerald Lake Lodge, BC Wedding


Emerald Lake Lodge is truly a spectacular place, to visit, to hike, and especially for a wedding. Just a few minutes off the Trans Canada Highway west of Lake Louise, and you’re in a completely different world. The colour of the water really is exactly what it looks like in the pictures, if not even greener and the jagged peaks that surround the lodge frame this jewel perfectly. It was in this setting that I got to capture a few images with Amy and Steve this summer. The sun/rain/clouds were playing tug-o-war all day, but somehow managed to be nice exactly when we needed them to – during the photos and the ceremony. After a quick plunge (polar bear swim?) Steve and the guys ducked into one of the cabins while the girls were next door with Amy. From their reveal we headed out towards Field for a few shots in the glacial valley, then worked our way back to meet up with the bridal party. Enter rain. No problem – on to the decks to take advantage of the beautiful natural light. From there we made our way to the ceremony. Have to say the flower girl (Amy’s niece) running up to hug Steve mid-ceremony was priceless. After the ceremony, family photos, and champagne we moved into the lodge for the party. What a blast of a weekend – thank you Amy & Steve!!
_D3X7735 _D3X7748 DSC_5690 _D3X7842 DSC_5856 _D3X7783 DSC_5761 DSC_5772 DSC_5825 DSC_5868 DSC_5851 DSC_5875 _D3X7894 _D3X8046 _D3X8128 _D3X8426 DSC_5927 DSC_5975 DSC_5979 DSC_6017 DSC_6069 DSC_6087 DSC_6152 DSC_6144 _D3X8221 _D3X8240 _D3X8337 DSC_6518 DSC_6527 DSC_6538 DSC_6549 DSC_6671DSC_6634 DSC_6707 DSC_6768 DSC_6823 DSC_6845 DSC_6955 _D3X8506

Jaime & Maciek – Mountain Wedding at Island Lake Lodge, BC

Full disclosure: I’ve known Maciek for over 20 years and would consider him one of my closest friends. We even played soccer against each other before crossing paths again in high school through mutual friends. I only mention this because when somebody this close to you asks you to shoot their wedding it’s both a huge compliment and fantastic challenge. It certainly didn’t hurt that he and Jaime have been together as long as they have (about time you tied the knot no?) – making for a dream couple of fun people that I know very well. They mentioned a couple areas they were considering in BC near Fernie, and I couldn’t have been more excited when they mentioned it was going to take place at Island Lake Lodge. I’ve hiked there in the summer, skied there in waist deep powder in the winter, and all around love the place. The accommodations are first rate, the food is delicious and the staff are all super friendly – yup, great place Jaime & Maciek, well chosen. As we had planned, I took Jaime down to the reveal location after stealthily getting Maciek into position first. Watching his reaction when he first saw Jaime will go down as an all time highlight for me – I think his face says it all. Then, Maciek never being very far from a fly rod, quickly tossed in a cast and had a willing cutthroat – not bad for a guy wearing a full suit!! From there we worked our way back up towards the lodge stopping at a couple places I had found while scouting. After a glass of champagne we headed down to I Dew point on the shore of the lake. The weather held, the clouds parted to reveal patches of blue sky, the mayflies danced all over the bridal party, and Jaime and Maciek finally made it official in front of their closest friends and family. Up to the lodge for dinner, drinks, dancing, and drinks, shot skis, drinks, dancing…. the rest was a blur. Jaime & Maciek, two amazing friends and all-around wonderful people, thank you from all of us you had there.
_D3X6969 DSC_3411 _D3X7012 _D3X7055 _D3X7165 _D3X7516 DSC_3454 DSC_3519 DSC_3503 _D3X7129 DSC_3576 DSC_3595 DSC_3617 DSC_3648 _D3X6962 DSC_3676 DSC_3689 DSC_3737 DSC_3744 DSC_3760 DSC_3767 DSC_3781 DSC_3860 DSC_3872 _D3X7235 DSC_3919 DSC_4010 DSC_4052 DSC_4121 _D3X7264 DSC_4131 DSC_4159 _D3X7314 DSC_4170 DSC_4181 DSC_4188 DSC_4192 DSC_4274 DSC_4314 _D3X7382 _D3X7360 DSC_4591 DSC_4608 DSC_4610 DSC_4574 DSC_4612 DSC_4677 DSC_4725 DSC_4752 DSC_4776 DSC_4928 DSC_5008 DSC_5039 _D3X7444 DSC_5114 DSC_5142 DSC_5262 DSC_5268 DSC_5311 DSC_5327 _D3X7673

Carol & Jamie’s Wedding – Red Deer, AB


Carol & Jamie put on a fantastic wedding last month in Red Deer, and I was lucky enough to be asked to capture it. Through some of the most intense rain I’ve ever seen, beautiful wheat fields that stretched far into the horizon, and a reveal that had me tearing up. Yup – I’m a softie, there I said it. I met up with the guys at Jamie’s house in the morning first to get some shots of their pre-wedding ceremonies and snuck in a few shots of the guys while I was there. It’s not often that a backyard works for the family pictures, but this was definitely not like most backyards! I headed over and joined the girls at the hotel, and as the finishing touches of lipstick were applied the heavens opened up and pelted the city with a deluge of rain. Luckily, just as we were leaving to meet up with Jamie for the reveal the rain stopped and left us with a nicely wetted path into the forest – made for a perfect reveal in my eyes. From there we grabbed the bridal party and headed out to the edge of the city to get some rural shots with the group. From there we went back into the city for the wedding ceremony – my first Ukrainian Catholic – what a treat!! I had scoped out a location downtown, in the old part of Red Deer that caught my eye and I convinced C&J to give me a few minutes of their time there on the way to the reception at the Red Deer Golf & Country Club. All in all, a beautiful wedding with two amazing people!!
_D3X6230 DSC_1197 _D3X6186 _D3X6225 _D3X6286 DSC_1061 _D3X6136 DSC_0686 DSC_0815 DSC_0847 DSC_0878 DSC_1289 DSC_1456 DSC_1459 DSC_1500 _D3X6411 DSC_1986 DSC_1615 DSC_2217 DSC_1803 DSC_1951 DSC_2099DSC_1762 _D3X6618 DSC_2463 DSC_2725 DSC_2798 DSC_0677 DSC_2998 _D3X6782


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