Sometimes it feels as though the camera is simply an extension of my arm. Every time my fingers wrap around the rubber-shielded magnesium body I get excited. From the first time I picked one up it’s always been magic to me. Even through the years of watching a print come to life in a darkroom. Ever watched this? If not, you really should. Nowadays, I get to see the images the second I shoot them on the back of the camera – yes, still feels a little like magic. What really amazes me is the split second between what I imagine the image to look like in my mind, and what the LCD on the camera shows.

I could tell you all the places I’ve been to and taken pictures of, but it’s just a list that tries but never quite equals the list of places I dream of going. You might be curious about the kind of equipment I use, but it too is in constant evolution. One thing I’ve learned throughout my career is that you never regret getting the very best cameras and especially lenses. When it comes to the company I trust to print my wedding albums, the very best is a company out of Italy.

How about me – what’s Mark really like? Well, I’m unabashedly passionate about my craft. I’ve got an appetite for all things photography, and every project I get to work on. I love the challenge of taking on a new request, and constantly strive to develop and grow my style.

When I’m not taking pictures, I’m most likely to be found outside – probably fishing out on a river, or biking some single track. If you’re reading this in the winter, good chance I’m either skiing or snowshoeing. I have an amazing wife, wonderful family, and the kind of friends that I would do anything for. I like to think of myself as an amateur inventor – constantly looking for projects to take on at home, be it in the workshop, or the garden.

‘Nuf about me – tell me about you! I’d love to find out about the twists and turns in your path that brought you here.



2 thoughts on “about

  1. Amazing photo’s, I have NEVER seen a photographer with as much talent and passion as yourself – it is evident in every photo you take. I am interested in having some photo’s taken of my three children – I know you are the one – if you take on this kind of work. Please let me know more about prices, sessions, etc and how to get started.

  2. I’ve been following your website now for a number of months – perhaps even a year. Each time I feel more astounded than the last visit. Your perception is amazing. Your sense of space, time, and reflection are exact. We’d like to connect regarding seasonal family sessions as thus far a wedding has eluded us!

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