Lynn & Tom tie the knot in a gorgeous & Intimate winter wedding

Those few days that come between Christmas and New Years are always a strange mix of holiday/work/travel for me. This year, however, I had something to really look forward to – a wedding shoot in Calgary. The bulk of my work happens in the summer – with 80% of the weddings I shoot falling between May and September, but the other 20% fall in the other 7 months of the year, often including some travel to warm destinations, spring weddings in the mountains, and private family weddings that occupy a special realm for me. Lynn and Tom picked late December as a time when the family would be gathered, celebrating the holidays and happy to all be in the same city. We had a beautiful mild day, and Lynn’s parents home worked perfectly as a wedding venue. Some of the guests even were asking if the renovation were done specifically to accommodate the nuptials. From there, we stopped for a few shots outside as the temp started to fall, then on to the Auburn Saloon area of Teatro’s Restaurant. The manager even opened up the impressive wine cellar for a few images for us – what a treat. I ducked out just before dinner to allow them to have a nice private reception, but seeing what was on the menu I wouldn’t have complained about sticking around. Congratulations Lynn & Tom – may the years be full and full of love!




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