Heritage Park Summer Sizzler Wedding – Michelle & Jerry

Whenever the mention of Heritage Park in Calgary comes up during an initial wedding consult, I know it’s going to be a fun day. I’ve always had a soft spot for this quirky little tourist area in my hometown from growing up here, and being a bit of a western history buff. Meeting up with Michelle and Jerry the morning of their wedding, we had the weather on our side with a gorgeous summer day to play with, a wicked-fun bridal party, and a couple who I knew would place their trust in me to capture their amazing day. After the ceremony, and family photos, we headed off to the Park, where you have a combination of nature – being on the banks of the Glenmore Reservoir – and architectural features with all the buildings scattered around the large property. For weddings, they allow you to enter just before the park closes to the general public, which always results in a few strange looks as a fully decked out bridal party takes over. After hitting up a few spots I had picked out, we made our way back to the reception area at Gunns Dairy barn – a split between ground floor set up for the dinner, and top floor set up for the dance in a barn-like atmosphere. Because it was such a nice day, their guests were content to stroll around outside and take in the sights during the cocktail hour. The dinner was delicious, Mike had everybody in stitches as the MC, and the speeches brought out loads of laughter and a few tears as well. We moved upstairs for the dance and it took no time for Michelle & Jerry to break out the dance moves to get the party started. I ducked out just before midnight and could still hear the music and laughter as I walked back to my car – what a perfect way to cap off such an amazing wedding day!!

dsc_7331 dsc_0668 dsc_0725 dsc_0741 dsc_0609 dsc_0620 dsc_0754 dsc_7325 dsc_7355 dsc_0795 dsc_7424 dsc_0858 dsc_0876 dsc_0915 dsc_1084 dsc_1307 dsc_1337 dsc_1367 dsc_1372 dsc_1427 dsc_1432 dsc_1524 dsc_1639 dsc_1647 dsc_1686 dsc_1905 dsc_7515 dsc_7591 dsc_7615 dsc_7635 dsc_7725 dsc_1792 dsc_1800 dsc_1788 dsc_1865 dsc_7791 dsc_7813 dsc_7929

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