Lorraine & Brian – Purple at the Pavillion

Well, if you haven’t noticed, it’s damn cold outside. I’m happy to be having a real winter season this year, but I’m already longing for some warmer days, like this one back in August. It was a perfect late summer day- light breeze, a little sun, a little cloud, and the sweetest couple. I had an insane month – including back to back shoots in Europe, but was able to make my schedule work to get to capture their wedding. The engagement session we did out in the mountains served up enough rain to last a year, and thoroughly soaked all three of us and my camera gear, so it was a pleasant change to get such a perfect day for their wedding. We hit a couple spots near their ceremony venue, then out to some favourites I know of in Cochrane before making it back for the ceremony and reception. I had to pry myself away that night to go back to the airport to double red-eye back to Europe and got to dig into their photo editing on the way – so happy for these two, and thankful they asked me to be there to shoot their amazing wedding day!dsc_4801 dsc_4826 dsc_7089 dsc_4834 dsc_4876 dsc_7126 dsc_4949 dsc_4961 dsc_4978 dsc_5060 dsc_5105 dsc_7096 dsc_7301 dsc_7516 dsc_7589 dsc_5132 dsc_5090 dsc_7851 dsc_7881 dsc_7890 dsc_7915 dsc_5153 dsc_5096 dsc_8226 dsc_8239 dsc_8376 dsc_8494 dsc_8437

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