Emily & Brian – Calgary Summer Wedding

I met Emily a few years ago while I was shooting one of her sisters getting married, so it was a real treat to get a message from her inquiring about me shooting her and Brian’s wedding this summer in Calgary. I remembered how awesome her family was, and knew her fiancé would have to be a stand up guy to get mixed up with the ‘Gordon Girls’. Meeting them for the first time to discuss wedding plans, then again during their engagement session my suspicions were confirmed – and these two make a perfect couple. I had so much fun just watching them interact with each other, let alone taking pictures of them on their wedding day – so much fun, so much play, so much love. The weather was, well, it was Calgary summer weather – a bit of everything, but even the rain showers couldn’t put a damper on their celebration. To cap off the night, I dragged them out into the pouring rain – them, me, my camera equipment, flashes, everything getting soaked for one final shot. It was so worth it – thank you Emily & Brian for asking me to shoot your wedding, hang out with you all day, and racing out into a downpour without a moments hesitation!dsc_3555 dsc_3568 dsc_3612 dsc_3617 dsc_3627 dsc_4416 dsc_4460 dsc_3670 dsc_4451 dsc_3709 dsc_3747 dsc_3804 dsc_4593 dsc_4548 dsc_4617 dsc_3840 dsc_3894 dsc_4626 dsc_4736 dsc_4744 dsc_4768 dsc_4840 dsc_4813 dsc_4884 dsc_4913 dsc_4962 dsc_4060 dsc_4187 dsc_5047 dsc_5061 dsc_5128 dsc_5185 dsc_5219 dsc_5283 dsc_5306 dsc_5333 dsc_4140 dsc_5436 dsc_4122 dsc_5473 dsc_5493 dsc_5513 dsc_5587 dsc_5607 dsc_4391 dsc_5613 dsc_5785 dsc_5828 dsc_5862 dsc_5951 dsc_4288 dsc_4351 dsc_5955 dsc_4330 dsc_4412

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