Calgary Ismaili Wedding – Farah & Nabil

Love these two – and the incredible wedding they had this summer! I have been lucky enough to shoot a number of beautiful Ismaili weddings over the last few years and each one builds on the last in some special way. I’ve seen the ceremonies enough to know what to expect, and yet I am still awestruck by each separate event. It was no different for Farah & Nabil – on a day that was threatening a healthy dose of good-luck wedding day rain, we got to St. Patricks Island in Calgary just in time to avoid the drops, and still capture some beautiful images. Seeing them hold each other with the white fluff floating through the viewfinder almost made me think it was snowing – magical. Some tips for the uninitiated at Ismaili weddings: m&m’s are much more than just a tasty candy, the sapatia is harder to break than you think, you might need a waterproof enclosure for your camera at the Pithi ceremony, and watch out for flying beetlenuts.

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