2015-2016 NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew

One of the commercial – portrait shoots I definitely look forward to every year is the Calgary Flames Fire & Ice crew. They’re all a ton of fun – many of which I’ve gotten to know over the last 6+ years of doing this shoot. We’ve done the portraits up in the catwalk, on the main concourse, in the seats & under the seating, on the players bench, in the team dressing room, at the Zamboni entrance, outside the dome, and by the massive loading dock to name a few. We’ve had fireworks, sumo suits, music, dance-offs, fog machines, and more than a few laughs along the way. Many of you probably only know them from the other side of the boards as the beautiful women on the ice with the giant shovels or handing out prizes in the stands. What you might not know is all the charity events they’re at, the fact they’re athletes, university & college students, and simply super awesome people that make shooting for the Flames that much more fun.

_ND81504 _ND81536 _ND81764 _ND81843 _ND81543 _ND81568 _ND81709 _ND81589 _ND81873 _ND81595 _ND81631 _ND81913 _ND81642 _ND81667 _ND81696 _ND81726 _ND81746 _ND81675 _ND81770 _ND81802 _ND81819 _ND81893 _ND81827 _ND81848 _ND81917 _ND81865 _ND81922 _ND81854 _ND81852 _ND81409

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