Monogram Coffee Downtown

As a small business owner I love getting to work with all kinds of businesses both large and small, but will always have a soft spot for the ones just making their way into the world. Less than a year ago my brother in law Justin Eyford and his two barista-champion business partners Ben Put and Jeremy Ho opened the first Monogram Coffee location in Calgary. Not surprisingly, it was quickly embraced by the community and city at large and especially by those who actively search out the very best in coffee. Not long after they had pop-ups in two other areas and doubled the size of their Altadore cafe by taking over their neighbours floorspace. Fast forward to this past weekend when they unlatched the doors on their flagship downtown cafe – a gleaming 1700 square foot location that is soon to become the go-to spot for the caffeine hunters in the core. I couldn’t be happier for these guys, their awesome staff, and can’t wait to spend some quality time there. _ND83363 _ND83340 _ND83109 _ND83100 _ND83113 _ND83117 _ND83118 _ND83125 _ND83127 _ND83129 _ND83132 _ND83135 _ND83141 _ND83145 _ND83149 _ND83160 _ND83163 _ND83173 _ND83184 _ND83097 _ND83188 _ND83192 _ND83200 _ND83208 _ND83220 _ND83244 _ND83246 _ND83249 _ND83251 _ND83253 _ND83258 _ND83263 _ND83271 _ND83282 _ND83288 _ND83293 _ND83300 _ND83308 _ND83312 _ND83318 _ND83334 _ND83357 _ND83105

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