Wedding Reflections – Looking back and looking forward to the weddings yet to shoot

It’s always around this time of year where I find myself in the thick of planning for the upcoming wedding season yet reflecting back on the weddings that have already settled into my memories and my hard drives. I know I’ve said it before, but I really do feel so incredibly lucky that so many wonderful people have asked me to be part of their special day and bear witness to such a significant moment in their lives. The countless hours of location scouting, emails, phone calls, planning, dreaming blend with the hours on the road, airplanes, hotel rooms and everything else that come together as part of the wedding shoot. Wedding days are like Christmas morning for me – so many surprises, emotions, and unexpected gifts to open, opportunities, moments, tears of happiness, a few nerves, and only one chance to capture it. With each passing year I think more about the importance of capturing the raw essence of the day, and less about shots missed, trying to plan too much, and really just letting the day guide me. With this as my foundation I move forward, with a whole bunch of amazing stories yet to be told in the weeks and months to come, but for now I look back at some of the experiences that got me to today.


_ND80950 _D3X0094 _D3X0809 DSC_1262 _D3X0869 _D3X0935 _D3X1153 _D3X1235 _D3X1494 _D3X1552 _D3X1604 _D3X1933 _D3X1964 _D3X2245 _D3X2446 _D3X2620 _D3X2985 _D3X3034 _D3X3147 _D3X4246 _D3X4401 _D3X4450 _D3X4460 _D3X4498 _D3X4570 _D3X4766 _D3X4932 _D3X5169 _D3X5393 _D3X5426 _D3X5641 _D3X6225 _D3X6230 _D3X6873 _D3X6940 _D3X7360 _D3X7516 _D3X7874 _D3X8036 _D3X1123 _D3X8184 _D3X8187 _D3X8221 _D3X8238 _D3X9130 _D3X9443 _D3X9857 _D3X9989 _ND80817 _ND80833 _ND82685 _ND82896 _ND85968 _ND86513 _ND86664 _ND87608 _ND88426 _ND88970 _ND89558 _ND89625 _ND89812 _ND89976 Capture0038-47 Capture0149-154 DSC_0140 DSC_0154 2 DSC_0154 _D3X0757 DSC_0219 DSC_0226 DSC_0250 DSC_0290 DSC_0339 DSC_0397 DSC_0538 DSC_1066 DSC_1197 DSC_1315 DSC_1459 DSC_1728 DSC_1980 DSC_1986 DSC_2055 DSC_2570 DSC_2580 DSC_2690 DSC_2778 DSC_2879 DSC_3689 DSC_3061 DSC_3262 DSC_3289 DSC_3304 DSC_3767 DSC_2131 DSC_3894 DSC_3909 DSC_3962 DSC_4047 DSC_4121 DSC_4160 DSC_4677 DSC_5504 DSC_6059 DSC_6065 DSC_6069 DSC_6568 DSC_6705 DSC_7169 DSC_7211 DSC_7262 DSC_7626 DSC_7632 DSC_8094 DSC_8362 DSC_8625 DSC_8666 DSC_8722 DSC_8767 DSC_8845 DSC_9038 DSC_9054 DSC_9163 DSC_9220 DSC_9299 DSC_9865 ND8_6834

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