Sara & Brendon – Beautiful Wedding in Okotoks, Alberta


Sara & Brendon’s wedding this summer was so special – with an incredible amount of personal touches at every turn. I knew that it would be a fun shoot, and these guys delivered a day I won’t soon forget. Heading out to Okotoks, just south of Calgary, I was facing a pretty chilly day with rain in the forecast. But, but some lucky break the rain held off long enough for us to tour around without the umbrellas in tow. Their wedding ceremony and reception was held at the Crystal Ridge golf course – which includes a full 18-hole mini golf course that we got to take advantage of. I think that’s a first for a wedding day shoot for me! We hopped in the limo for a tour around this small community and had a great time – I couldn’t believe how fast the time was used up before we were heading back for the reception. Thank you Sara & Brendon for letting me hang out with you on your wedding day!!
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