Julie & Blaine – Wedding in the badlands of Drumheller, Alberta

Two days after getting home from Spain, I was out in Drumheller on a beautiful July day to capture Julie and Blaine as they tied the knot. I had been out to scout the area a month before on an equally sunny day, and had been super excited about returning to the Badlands. It’s one of the most unique areas in the province, and only a short drive from Calgary. Meeting up with the girls in the morning at the hotel was a lot of fun and you could tell how happy Julie was during the hair, makeup, and especially putting on her wedding dress. From there I joined the guys for a little bit before going on to the ceremony venue on the banks of the Red Deer river in town. Following the ceremony we headed off to Horsethief Canyon and a brilliant field of canola just off the highway. It had poured rain the day before their wedding, so it was a little muddy but nobody seemed to mind too much. We passed a go-kart track and when I hinted that I wanted to get them in the carts for a few shots they couldn’t say YES fast enough! And even though they were asked to keep the speed down, this is a competitive bunch and they opened up the throttle completely! From there one more stop before heading back to the reception party that went well into the night. Such a fun day with two fantastic people and the great friends and family that surround them!!
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