Gill & Dale – Edmonton Summer Wedding


Last month I was up in Edmonton to shoot Gill & Dale’s wedding at the Edmonton Scottish Society. I get up ‘north’ once or twice a year, and I have to say that even though my upbringing in Calgary trained me to dislike the capital city, I have found more and more things I like about it with each return visit. Early May was no different, as the river valley was lush and green, the early summer skies a deep blue, and surprises around every corner. Invariably when I shoot in a new city, I am attracted to way more locations than I’ll ever have time to visit, but it’s that same attraction that draws out the best creative inspiration. For Gill and Dale I knew I’d be with a couple that was loads of fun, super easy going, and incredibly playful with each other. The same was true for their bridal party, a great group of friends and family surrounding and supporting them. The Edmonton Scottish Society facility has a great old-school feel to it with rich wood, massive stone fireplace and a large vaulted ceiling. It made a perfect backdrop for both their ceremony and their reception. After the family photos, we headed off to a few spots I had scouted in town, then back in time for cocktails and to raid the candy table. Somewhere in there, the group also invaded the photobooth and gave me so much (too much?) to review the following day – all in good fun!! Was an absolute treat to capture their wedding day – hoping to get back up to Edmonton again soon.

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