Jaime & Maciek – Mountain Wedding at Island Lake Lodge, BC

Full disclosure: I’ve known Maciek for over 20 years and would consider him one of my closest friends. We even played soccer against each other before crossing paths again in high school through mutual friends. I only mention this because when somebody this close to you asks you to shoot their wedding it’s both a huge compliment and fantastic challenge. It certainly didn’t hurt that he and Jaime have been together as long as they have (about time you tied the knot no?) – making for a dream couple of fun people that I know very well. They mentioned a couple areas they were considering in BC near Fernie, and I couldn’t have been more excited when they mentioned it was going to take place at Island Lake Lodge. I’ve hiked there in the summer, skied there in waist deep powder in the winter, and all around love the place. The accommodations are first rate, the food is delicious and the staff are all super friendly – yup, great place Jaime & Maciek, well chosen. As we had planned, I took Jaime down to the reveal location after stealthily getting Maciek into position first. Watching his reaction when he first saw Jaime will go down as an all time highlight for me – I think his face says it all. Then, Maciek never being very far from a fly rod, quickly tossed in a cast and had a willing cutthroat – not bad for a guy wearing a full suit!! From there we worked our way back up towards the lodge stopping at a couple places I had found while scouting. After a glass of champagne we headed down to I Dew point on the shore of the lake. The weather held, the clouds parted to reveal patches of blue sky, the mayflies danced all over the bridal party, and Jaime and Maciek finally made it official in front of their closest friends and family. Up to the lodge for dinner, drinks, dancing, and drinks, shot skis, drinks, dancing…. the rest was a blur. Jaime & Maciek, two amazing friends and all-around wonderful people, thank you from all of us you had there.
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