Carol & Jamie’s Wedding – Red Deer, AB


Carol & Jamie put on a fantastic wedding last month in Red Deer, and I was lucky enough to be asked to capture it. Through some of the most intense rain I’ve ever seen, beautiful wheat fields that stretched far into the horizon, and a reveal that had me tearing up. Yup – I’m a softie, there I said it. I met up with the guys at Jamie’s house in the morning first to get some shots of their pre-wedding ceremonies and snuck in a few shots of the guys while I was there. It’s not often that a backyard works for the family pictures, but this was definitely not like most backyards! I headed over and joined the girls at the hotel, and as the finishing touches of lipstick were applied the heavens opened up and pelted the city with a deluge of rain. Luckily, just as we were leaving to meet up with Jamie for the reveal the rain stopped and left us with a nicely wetted path into the forest – made for a perfect reveal in my eyes. From there we grabbed the bridal party and headed out to the edge of the city to get some rural shots with the group. From there we went back into the city for the wedding ceremony – my first Ukrainian Catholic – what a treat!! I had scoped out a location downtown, in the old part of Red Deer that caught my eye and I convinced C&J to give me a few minutes of their time there on the way to the reception at the Red Deer Golf & Country Club. All in all, a beautiful wedding with two amazing people!!
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