Lacey & Adam – Summer wedding at Heritage Pointe Golf Course

I never thought that a conversation I had with Adam back in Mexico would lead to them asking me to shoot their wedding in Calgary this summer, but I was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him, Lacey, and their great crew of friends. I met a lot of them shooting for his brother Trent & Ali, and couldn’t wait to get Miss Cayenne and Mr. Batchelor in front of the glass. The weather was hot with the brilliant sun piercing the blue skies, the lush green grass and summer foliage all around, and to top it off they show up in a Gas Monkey Rat Rod – amazing!! Love the story they told me that at car shows instead of a ‘do not touch’ sign, the owner encourages people to lay their hands on the car to add to the patina. Before we could head out into the countryside, I got to watch them tie the knot on the patio of the Heritage Pointe Golf Course surrounded by their close family and friends. We took off for a quick session not far from the venue to a couple places I had scouted earlier in the week, including the private property of some of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. While scouting, not only were they warm to my idea of coming to shoot at their barn, they invited me in for cookies and lemonade. Yup – those people do exist, and my job gives me the fortunate opportunities to meet them. Back to the reception, the party, the heartfelt speeches, a few tears, and people lighting up the dance floor. Such a treat to be asked to shoot for such a great couple!!
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