Alison & Jay – Stunning winter wedding in Canmore, Alberta

Living so close to the rocky mountains we get to spend as much time as possible outside, skiing, biking, fishing, and if lucky, there to capture a fantastic wedding day. This spring I was asked to shoot for Alison & Jay in Canmore, a beautiful and quaint town just on this side of Banff National Park. I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot in Canmore, most often in the summer, so it was a treat to get out there in March to cover their amazing wedding. A few days beforehand, I headed out to scout the area and get a better feel for where we might be able to shoot – one of my favourite pre-wedding exercises. As per usual, I dreamed up enough to shoot for 12 hours – more than enough options to say the least. On their wedding day, we did a quick reveal at the Solara Resort in Canmore – I loved watching Jay’s jaw drop when he first saw Alison!! We headed off with the rest of the bridal party to a few hidden places – and kudos to them for braving the ‘bracing chill’ of the wind up on the pass. Back to Silvertip Golf Course for the ceremony and reception – delicious food, great music, and laughs all around. Keeping the day flowing smoothly was the very talented ¬†Callandra & her team from Cherry Tree Occasions, captured on video for all time by the always fun Aydin Odyakmaz. Watching their guests cycle through the photobooth/mini-studio we’d set up was hilarious – they do know we get to see the pictures right? The speeches were both funny and heartfelt – you could easily tell how much their family & friends mean to them. An amazing day in a beautiful town – I can’t wait to see what’s next for Alison & Jay!

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