2014 RCR Slope Soaker – Fernie Alpine Resort, BC



Which is harder:

a) Swimming with skis on

b) Swimming with a snowboard attached

c) Using either to get you across a 60′ span of neck deep slush

d) All the of the above – in ice cold water (literally ice cold – they had to break the ice before they could start!)

Just a few of many captured on the final weekend out at Fernie Alpine Resort in BC – season finale included a packed performance by the Dudes in the village plaza & beer gardens. What a way to cap off another fantastic year on the slopes. Now to hang up the skis, dust off the bike, and rig the fly rods…

DSC_2854 _ND89130 DSC_2817 DSC_2833 DSC_2845 DSC_2890 DSC_2918 DSC_2924 DSC_2968 DSC_3014 DSC_3026 DSC_3094 DSC_3072 DSC_2899

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