In her shoes…


Of all the detail shots I capture on a wedding day, I have to admit that my absolute favourite is the one of the shoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of red-soled Laboutin’s or a comfy pair of Chuck Taylors, the shoes chosen by a bride speak volumes about their personality and always provide a great opportunity for an image. The shoes set the foundation of the gorgeous woman above, and give her that little something extra on her wedding day. I love the craftsmanship that goest into each pair – with a countless assortment of materials from leathers, to beading, to sequins, to metals, and even jewels. High heels at a Jamaican beach wedding? Why not! Flip flops at the Banff Springs? Sounds great! Converse high tops at Emerald Lake Lodge? Bring ’em on! Until the next pair of heels finds their way in front my lens, here’s a few favourites from the last few years…
_D7X0043 _D3X0428 _D3X0695 _D3X0702 _D3X2272 _D3X1035 _D3X2439 _D3X2704 _D3X3675 _D3X3688 _D3X4533 _D7X2744 _D3X6146 _D3X6450 _D3X6470 _D3X6526 _D3X6535 _D3X6536 _D3X7442 _D3X7447 _D3X7496 _D3X7696 _D3X8122 _D3X8129 _D3X8146 _D3X8397 _D3X8687 _D3X8692 _D3X9355 ND8_3245 _D3X9359 _D3X9363 _D3X9448 _D3X9472 _D3X9497 DSC_1457 _D3X9526 _D3X9614 _D7X0485 _D7X0638 _D7X1235 _D7X1882 _D7X2743 _D3X7525 _D7X4872 _D7X4896 _D7X4909 _D7X6813 _D7X7283 _D7X8242 _D7X9074 _M113737 _M113746 _M117649 DSC_1454 KateJonWedding-3 KateJonWedding-4 MoniqueAndrew-305-2 ND8_0246 ND8_0255 TAWedding-132 TAWedding-135 ND8_3244


One thought on “In her shoes…

  1. I love your shoes. We have a weekend art show in Lake Country in September called Art walk. This year our theme is about ” Stepping Out”. We would love to show case your shoe collection in our Photograph section Mark.
    Love, auntie Rita

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