2013 – (What a) Year in Review

As 2013 drew to a close I found myself looking back at one of the most incredible years. Again, I was lucky to be witness to so many beautiful weddings, and get to meet countless amazing and inspiring people. Every single wedding was one of a kind, and with each picture I captured there are wonderful memories I cherish. I logged a lot of miles both on the ground, on the water, and especially in the air. In May, my wife and I were on our honeymoon with stops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and reaching Everest Base Camp. We were treated to a blizzard at 18,000′ on Cho-La pass followed by a spectacular morning walk along the Gokyo Lakes. I wasn’t even home for 72 hours before hopping back on a plane to Jamaica for a destination wedding shoot. After returning from the beaches, we again were on the move, this time to Italy for a very special wedding shoot just south of Florence. Before going home, we made one stop at Cinque Terre – a place that I can’t wait to get back to! Back in Calgary for a few weeks, then again I was heading across the Atlantic ocean, this time stopping in Iceland en-route to a shoot in Norway. I’d never been to that area of the world, and was treated to a very unique Norwegian wedding with roots going back to the vikings. With camera in hand, I was also in British Columbia numerous times, up north for my annual steelhead fishing trip, shooting at the luxurious Minette Bay Lodge, and getting as far west as Tofino for a wedding this fall. I was hoping for sunshine, but couldn’t believe the window of amazing light that waited for us in between the ceremony and reception. Stories, images, emotions, sunsets blending into sunrise and the next adventure awaits. Wherever this finds you, I hope that 2014 is an incredible year, the very best one yet. Without further delay, and in no particular order, here are just a few of the images that found their way onto my camera sensor that now reside in my mind & heart.ND8_9179 _D3X0105 _D3X0287 _D3X0577 _D3X0641 _D3X0487 _D3X0852 _D3X0872 _D3X1416 _D3X2273 _D3X2427 _D3X2956 _D3X3110 _D3X3167 _D3X4037 _D3X4259 _D3X4381 _D3X4388 _D3X5123 _D3X5344 _D3X5796 _D3X5925 _D3X6438 _D3X6713 _D3X6896 _D3X6916 _D3X7299b _D3X7376 _D3X7403 _D3X8274 ND8_2210 _D3X9472 _D3X9811 _D3X9957 _D7X0081 _D7X0375 _D7X0819 2 _D7X3658 _D7X3922 _D7X4298 _D7X4869 _D7X5511 _D7X5673 _D7X6049b _D7X6526 _D7X7383 _D7X8077 _D7X8841 _D7X8927 DSC_4154b GokyoPanorama IMG_1392 ND8_0633 ND8_0705 ND8_0883 ND8_2182 ND8_2221 ND8_2558 ND8_2656 ND8_2811 ND8_3096 ND8_4045 ND8_4100 ND8_4352 ND8_4504 ND8_4655 ND8_5497 ND8_6830b ND8_8681 ND8_8749b ND8_8855 ND8_9054 ND8_9266 ND8_9315 ND8_9416 prayerstoneB ND8_9285 _D3X6960


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