Shannon & Mark – Amazing fall wedding in Calgary

Picture this: A man named Mark gets engaged to a woman named Shannon. Just so happens they get a referral to speak to a photographer by the name of Mark Shannon. Coincidence? I think not! I really had to do a double take when their inquiry came in – and throughout both our Sage-supported engagement session and during the course of their wedding day, hearing ‘Mark’ & ‘Shannon’ had me feeling like my head was on a swivel. These are the kind of people that you love being around – very creative, and incredibly positive, and simply a treat to get to know. You could tell a lot of thought went into their wedding, with rich fall colours throughout, and attention to detail at every turn. The ceremony, held at Shannon terrace in Fish Creek Park, was very personal and beautiful, officiated by a close personal friend of Shannon & Mark’s – Abby Charchun (who just happens to be a bride I got to shoot just last year). I think their ring bearer did his best, and just about succeeded in stealing the show! We did the photos close by the ceremony venue, and in the adjacent forest, before heading off to the reception. Again, walking into the room you could tell it was going to be a special evening, with the music provided by Musical Twist DJ’s. Knowing that Mark was an accomplished chef, I knew the food supplied by Devour Catering (his former employer) would be second to none – needless to say I was not disappointed. Both Shannon and Mark had planned some performances for each other, Mark with some beat poetry, and Shannon with a song (with backup vocals provided by the entire bridal party). It was a spectacular day, and I really feel lucky that everything aligned so that I could be there to capture the opening of the next chapter of their lives together.  _D7X9683 _D3X9554 _D7X9752 _D3X9638 _D3X9602 _D3X9472 _D3X9517 _D3X9865 _D3X9903 _D3X9957 _D3X0050 _D3X0031 _D7X9935 _D3X0262 _D3X0328 _D7X0187 _D3X0374 _D3X0405 _D3X0577 _D7X0081 _D7X0142 _D3X0659_D3X0931 _D3X0763_D3X0872 _D3X0997 _D3X0973 _D3X1089 _D3X1136 _D3X1395 _D3X1403 _D3X1433 _D3X1660 _D7X0266 _D7X0539 _D7X9866


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