Holly & Chris – Beautiful Cochrane Ranche House Wedding

It’s pretty rare that a wedding goes off exactly as planned. Sometimes it could be something little such as slightly mismatched socks. Other times, you could find yourself shopping for bridesmaids dresses on the day of the wedding because the ones you had custom made weren’t completed in time. Yes – that’s the situation that Holly & Chris faced the morning of their wedding, and with the help of their bridal party they pulled it off. I couldn’t believe how well Holly & girls handled it – nothing could hold this group back from what ended up being a fantastic wedding & reception! It was a bit of mad dash to get everybody together, dressed, and to the ceremony close to the planned start time. It was a beautiful Saturday out in Cochrane, and following the ceremony we did some shots on site, down by the small stream, in the forest, and then off to another location I had scouted with just the newlyweds. Returning to the reception, they had some very heartfelt speeches, a surprise beer keg delivery, and the groom’s brother pulling a triple shift as MC, groomsman, and DJ. I loved getting to spend the time with these two – picking up right where we left off from the engagement session we did out near Radium BC. _D3X0105 _D3X8604 _D3X8526 _D3X8733 _D3X0061 _D3X0231 _D3X0373 _D3X0383 _D3X0487 _D3X0524 _D3X0571 _D3X9087 _D3X9118 _D3X9428 _D3X9465 _D3X9507 _D3X9879 _D3X9962 _D7X4641 _D7X4659 _D7X4751 _D7X4782 _D7X4869 _D7X4933 _D7X5267


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