Shafeena & Hussein – Calgary & Cochrane Ismaili Wedding

This incredible couple came my way through a referral by the very talented Jenn Dystra of Open Image Photography, and in hindsight it was like I was being given an amazing gift simply getting to get to know Shafeena & Hussein. I was lucky enough to work with them both in Toronto on their engagement session (part 1), and their cowboy themed Calgary engagement session (part 2) in addition to the Pithi ceremonies and their Nikkah (wedding ceremony). From the first time I spoke with them during our Skype meeting I knew I liked them. They are such genuine people, and after meeting their loving parents I knew where this came from. Their wedding day was a classic August summer day in the prairies, with endless blue skies, warm sunshine, and wheat fields slowly making the transition from green to yellow. Prior to the wedding day, I scouted a beautiful location on the edge of the city limits. Normally the kind of place you might just drive by, this one stood out and worked as a perfect venue for their reveal. From there we headed off to another location in Cochrane closer to Glen Eagles golf course. Shooting the Nikkah outside was a treat, as every other Ismaili wedding I had done was indoors. It was incredibly heartfelt and barely a dry eye was to be seen. Following the ceremony we headed off to do a few more shots on a bluff overlooking the quaint townsite, with the towering peaks of the rockies far off in the distance. Again, watching them get to see each other for the first time all dressed to the nines in more ‘western’ wedding clothing was something I won’t soon forget. These two are in love – the way they look at each other, the compassion they show for each other, and how they talk about each other – the term soulmates couldn’t be applied more appropriately. Hussein’s speech had me in stitches – his now being able to get rid of the other ‘men’ in Shafeena’s life – Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton… etc… good luck with that!! Going through the process of editing their wedding I realized that my heart & mind are still processing what my eyes witnessed and camera captured that day. Thank you both._D3X4864 _D7X3672 _D3X5069 _D3X5063 _D3X5213 _D3X5217 _D3X5374 _D3X5135 _D3X5324 _D3X5463 _D3X5534 _D3X5814 _D3X5824 _D3X5958 _D3X6008 _D3X6172 _D3X6226 _D3X6258 _D3X6401 _D3X6560 _D3X6569 _D3X6591 _D3X6660 _D3X6686 _D3X6707 _D3X6829 _D7X4198 _D3X6834 _D3X7066 _D3X7074 _D3X7080_D3X7102_D3X7403 _D3X7463 _D3X7545 _D7X3922 _D7X4084 _D7X4298 _D7X4515_D3X7299b


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