Janice & Daniel – Wedding reception in Calgary



I met Janice & Daniel a few years ago while in Mexico shooting a destination wedding for their friends Lindsay & Aaron and immediately liked them. They’re both incredibly fun people, and when they asked if I would be interested in doing some photography for their Calgary wedding reception I didn’t even hesitate. The had a very private ceremony in Vancouver, then threw a huge bash at the delicious Bonterra restaurant in the beltline area of Calgary. For those of you who’ve never been, the food is amazing and enjoying out on their secluded patio makes it all the better. I joined the girls at the Sheraton and had a brief window to get some shots of her dress, and the final touches of them getting ready. I had arranged for Daniel to meet us close by, and it was such a treat to see them see each other all dressed up for the first time. Janice looked stunning in a very slim fitting Nicole Miller dress, and Daniel looked pretty sharp in his tailored suit. We had a little over an hour to do some shots in the core, then headed over to the restaurant for family photos and dinner. It was a beautiful night and I had a lot of fun getting these two in front of my lens!!_D3X9917 _D3X9834 _D7X9585 _D3X0021 _D3X9875 _D3X0092 _D3X0125 _D3X0152 _D3X0159 _D3X0188 _D3X0218 _D3X0262 _D3X0308 _D3X0287 _D3X0343 _D3X0408 _D7X9657 _D3X0426 _D3X0450 _D3X0563 _D3X0580 _D3X0598 _D3X0641 _D3X0645 _D3X0712 _D3X0765 _D3X0802 _D3X0809 _D7X9725 _D3X0875 _D3X0879 _D7X9744 _D3X1373 _D3X1087 _D3X1403 _D3X1278 _D3X1416 _D7X9857


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