Monica & Jonas – Destination wedding in Norway

It’s not every day that going to shoot a wedding involves three flights, with stopovers in Toronto & Iceland, followed by a 4 hour drive North of Oslo, but this summer I did just that. I had met Monica and Jonas six years ago while shooting at a cat skiing lodge in Fernie, BC, and at the time they dropped the hint that when they got married they would bring me over to shoot it. That’s exactly what they did and getting to be there in Norway for a little over the week was an incredible experience. I immediately fell in love with the people, the welcoming friends and warm family that surround Monica & Jonas. Needless to say, my first trip to Scandinavia blew me away and planted the seed of what will be many trips to come in the future. Their wedding ceremony was a perfect reflection of their personalities ranging from the unbridled energy of Jonas and Monica to the wonderful historical Norwegian customs and wedding attire. Monica made her way down to the ceremony serenaded by local musicians, and Jonas arrived via wakeboard and peeled off the drysuit James-bond-style to reveal his Norwegian bunad (ceremonial attire). The rain didn’t even make a dent in the experience as the ceremony carried into a massive lake-side party / reception with skits, more live music, speeches, and revelry. I think I’m really still only part of the way in processing everything I experienced those 8 days in Norway – a country and people that now hold a very special place in my heart. _D3X7613_D3X6467 _D3X6625 _D3X6839 _D3X6898 _D3X6948 _D3X7010 _D3X7067 _D3X7257 _D3X7319 _D3X7376 _D3X7423 _D3X7435 _D3X7493 _D3X7586ND8_4275 _D3X7617 ND8_4679 _D3X7655 _D3X7745 _D3X7782 _D3X7930 _D3X7983 _D3X8028 _D3X8126 _D3X8274 _D3X8286 _D3X8034 _D3X8543 _D3X8635 ND8_4295 ND8_4352 ND8_4384 ND8_4413 ND8_4543 ND8_4655 ND8_4781 ND8_5047


4 thoughts on “Monica & Jonas – Destination wedding in Norway

  1. Så flotte og artige bilder. Jeg har hørt mye fra bryllupet, men artig å få sjå såååå mange bilder. Tusen takk og alle gode ønsker for et godt og langt samliv fra meg 🙂

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