Jamie & Kevin – Fantastic Calgary summer wedding


Heading to meet up with the girls on the morning of Jamie & Kevin’s wedding I knew I would be in for an amazing day. She had assembled a great group of friends and family to help her get ready, and they definitely kept her entertained. I love working with people who keep such obviously close friendships – makes the day just that much better. Even a little tumultuous Albertan summer weather couldn’t throw things off. The stormy weather would produce some great clouds, and if we were lucky wouldn’t soak us while we ventured out into the countryside to do some shots. Driving south to the church, I had beautiful blue skies in front of me, and some of the darkest clouds behind. Fortunately, it only rained during the ceremony, while we were all inside. Afterwards, we headed on to some spots I had picked out to take advantage of the rural setting of their church. To top it off, we had three cars with us for the shoot – sorry for taking you guys down the gravel roads! The mosquitoes did their best to get in every picture, and find any patch of exposed skin to sample. From there, we headed to Heritage Park and got a chance to do a few shots in the town area, before the rain chased us back to Gasoline Alley. For those of you who have never been there, it’s probably one of my favourite venues to shoot. They had a large wedding group, but there was lots of space, fun retro backdrops at every turn, and delicious food. Eric Electric kept the party going and it was pretty safe to say they were all having a blast when I finally ducked out around midnight. Thank you both for putting on such an amazing wedding day and letting me tag along to capture every part!_D3X6140 _D3X6125 _D7X9458 _D3X6131 _D3X6306 _D7X9612 _D7X9575 _D7X9708 _D3X6326 _D3X6365 _D3X6438 _D3X6472 _D7X0146 _D3X6543 _D3X6593 _D3X6713 _D3X6738 _D3X6779 _D3X6916 _D7X0192 _D7X0240 _D7X0251 _D7X0291 _D7X0344 _D7X0401 _D7X0498 _D7X0356 _D7X0526 _D3X6952 _D3X6960


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