Elaine & JC – Destination wedding at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica

Destination weddings are always a lot of fun for me, and this past week in Jamaica was no exception. I had barely unpacked my bags after returning from 5 weeks in Asia, when I found myself back at the airport climbing onto yet another plane. Only this time when I got out of the doors in Montego Bay, I was greeted by hot and humid tropical sunshine. I had never been to this resort before, and was impressed from the moment I arrived. It’s a really large property, which gave it a nice open sense of space, and worked really well for doing the wedding photos. I had a couple days to scout the area before the wedding, so on the day itself I was able to make the best use of the hour I had been given between the ceremony and reception. I had spoken with JC on the phone a few times and by email, but had never met face to face with him or his fiancee Elaine. Once I got to speak with them on the night I arrived, I knew I would have fun getting to capture their wedding day. They’re both incredibly warm  and easy-going people and pretty much up for anything I had in mind. I had a great time running around with them and watching them light it up on the dance floor once it was turned over to the DJ’s. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for JC & Elaine, and for my next trip to this beautiful country._D7X7421 _D7X7283 _D7X7270 _D7X7235 _D3X2595 _D3X2643 _D7X7383 EDress _D3X2714 _D7X7483 _D7X7609 _D7X7644 _D7X7739 _D3X2839 _D3X2924 _D7X7942 _D3X2928 _D7X7988 _D7X8018 _D7X8120 _D7X8077 _D7X8081 _D7X8162 _D3X3023 _D3X3112 _D3X2956 _D7X8283 _D7X8411


One thought on “Elaine & JC – Destination wedding at the Grand Palladium in Jamaica

  1. As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences ! Love you Elaine and I’m sorry I missed it but will make it up to you ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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