2013 RCR Fernie Alpine Resort Slope Soaker


One of my favourite RCR events to shoot every year is the Slope Soaker. Picture a steep slope, a small jump followed by a drop and then an icy 60′ + bath of meltwater to cross. Nobody made it all the way this year – probably because they extended the icy soup by a good 20′ this go round. It was hilarious watching the costumes and attempts to cross the water – most ending the way  you see below! Congrats to the competitors for even taking on the challenge.
_D7X3522 _D7X3553 _D7X3585 _D7X3587 _D7X3597 _D7X3624 _D7X3634 _D7X3658 _D7X3716 _D7X3734 _D7X3800 _D7X3809 _D7X3825 _D7X3996 _D7X4005 _D7X4034 _D7X4050 _D7X4080 _D7X4143 _D7X4193 _D7X4243 _D7X4273 _D7X4308 _D7X4380 _D7X4415 _D7X4525


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