Megs & Brent – Snowy day Esession



A couple years ago I got to shoot an incredible wedding in Mexico for Lindsey & Aaron, and while there got to hang out with both of their great families. Lindsey’s sister Megan got engaged to Brent, and the next thing you know I get a message from there looking for a photographer – gotta love how things come full circle like that! I met up with Megs and Brent just the other day and got to spend some time getting to know them, watch how much fun they have with each other, how playful they are, and get a feel for what happens when I bring the camera into the mix. We had a lot of fun, and were treated to a spring snow – one of the special requests Megan had for the shoot. I’d like to claim some responsibility for that, but the credit goes to mother nature. Thank you, by the way! Here are a few sneaks from the shoot – and a precursor for what awaits at their wedding in the Okanagan next summer!
_D3X0430 _D3X0477 _D7X1898 _D7X1939 _D7X1993 _D7X2033 _D7X2037 _D7X2083 _D7X2135 _D7X2171 _D7X2203 _D7X2228 _D7X2237 _D7X2266 _D7X2322 _D7X2347


One thought on “Megs & Brent – Snowy day Esession

  1. Love how you captured the day Marc. So happy you are joining us in Osoyoos next year for Megan and Brent’s wedding.

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