2013 NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew

One of my favourite shoots to do every year is the Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew – both the on & off ice groups. They’re always full of great energy and are really easy to work with. The shoot is always preceded by a scouting mission to the venue to check out the possible shooting locations, a frenzy of emails trying to coordinate their availability and double check with the facility on where we can and can’t go, and lugging the kit up and down the stairs. There’s usually some kind of curveball we get to deal with, but in the end, still manage to pull it off and have a few laughs along the way!ND8_5253 ND8_4967 ND8_5000 ND8_4823 ND8_4815 ND8_4846 ND8_4862 ND8_4899 ND8_4929 ND8_4940 ND8_4800 ND8_4994 ND8_5190 ND8_5193 ND8_5208 ND8_5210 ND8_5216 ND8_5219 ND8_5229 ND8_5231 ND8_5237 ND8_5241 ND8_5277

ND8_5705 ND8_5644 ND8_5584ND8_5601 ND8_5625 ND8_5629 ND8_5577 ND8_5648ND8_5721 ND8_5732 ND8_5737 ND8_5748 ND8_5754 ND8_5758


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