Delanie & Mike – Surprise winter wedding at Kickinghorse mountain in Golden BC



I’ve known Mike a number of years now and was so happy for him when he met Delanie. They are such a fun couple to hang out with, and it’s especially true when their awesome son Holden is in the mix. I was asked if I’d be willing to make the trek out to Kickinghorse Resort just outside Golden BC in the days between Christmas & New Years. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! It was a blast to be out there for four days, getting to know each of them better, and the great friends and family they brought out there for the surprise wedding. The ceremony was both beautiful and intimate, taking place in the great room of a massive hillside chalet looking out towards the mountains on the far side of the valley. We headed into Golden for a few shots – many thanks to the crew for braving the cold weather and deep snow! This was a special wedding to shoot and one I will never forget._D7X8228 _D3X4102 _D7X8249 _D3X4155 _D7X8273 _D7X8212 _D7X8389 _D7X8404 _D3X4115 _D7X8372 _D3X4315 _D3X4329 _D7X8518 _D7X8507 _D7X8571 _D3X4388 _D7X8710 _D7X8680 _D7X8643 _D7X8590 _D7X8566 _D7X8558 _D7X8759 _D7X8743


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