Alyssa & Trent – Destination Wedding on the beach in Mexico

I first heard from Alyssa a couple years ago when she and Trent had decided they wanted to be married on the beach in Mexico on 12-12-12. It gave me a lot of time to get to know them, through our numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, and our fun engagement session last summer. It was like seeing old friends when I connected with them at the beautiful Barcelo Maya Beach resort near Playa Del Carmen in Mexico. It was a gorgeous setting, with the water lapping at the snow-white sand, humid onshore breeze, and these amazing clouds that provided a very dramatic backdrop. They brought a fantastic group of family and friends – some of the nicest people you could ever want to meet. We had the perfect amount of time to run around the resort grounds, get out on the pier, and even found time to stop for a quick beverage. The next day I met up with them to take the shoot to the next level, but for those you’ll just have to wait a bit longer…_D3X0975 _D3X1008 _D3X1029 _D7X5851 _D3X1052 _D3X1072 _D7X5885 _D3X1213 _D7X5905 _D7X5913 _D3X1387 _D7X6142 _D3X1323 _D7X6238 _D3X1335 _D3X1431 _D3X1525 _D3X1577 _D3X1616 _D3X1637 _D3X1760 _D7X6678 _D7X6767 _D7X6790 _D7X6846 _D7X6884 _D7X7003 _D7X7053 _D3X1667 _D7X7013 _D3X1695 _D3X1648


One thought on “Alyssa & Trent – Destination Wedding on the beach in Mexico

  1. Hi Mark your pictures are amazing you should enter some of these ones of Trent And Alyssa into a bridal magazine it would be great advertising for Mexico weddings. Cant wait to hire you for some family photos. Thanks for doing a great job for my niece and her wonderful husband.

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