Ruby & Chaz – Destination Wedding in the Mayan Riviera


When I heard Ruby and Chaz were getting married in Mexico, I definitely wanted to be there. I should say that I had never actually met Chaz until a couple days before their wedding, but from the instant I said hello I knew I would get along well with him. It certainly doesn’t hurt when both he and most of his friends share the same passions I do – skiing, fishing, simply being outdoors. It was a real treat to be asked to make the trip to Mexico in December, leaving the cold snowy Calgary behind for a week. The hotel they chose, the Azul Sensatori was amazing, and provided a perfect playground for photography. There was always something going on that week, and I even got asked to join the guys for a bit of surfing a day before the wedding.They had a special ceremony honouring her Sikh background first, and then after a few photos, a second ceremony down on the beach. The weather was ideal, just hot enough, and the sunlight seemed to last forever. I loved really getting to know these two, not only on their wedding day, but for the week I was with them and their collection of family members and close friends.  I am excited for what the future holds for Ruby and Chaz, and look forward to seeing the rest of the crew when I get back up to Northern BC later this fall!_D3X9663 _D7X3419 _D3X9584 _D7X4409 _D3X0003 _D7X3286 _D7X3609 _D7X3590 _D7X4587 _D7X4824 _D3X9912 _D7X4939 _D3X9898 _D7X4748 _D3X9798 _D3X9996 _D7X3978 _D7X4045 _D7X4260 _D7X4359 _D7X4381 _D7X4746 _D7X5178 _D7X5109 _D7X5222 _D7X4104 _D7X5240 _D7X5288 _D7X5376 _D3X0024 _D3X0044 _D7X5434 _D7X5504 _D3X0212


One thought on “Ruby & Chaz – Destination Wedding in the Mayan Riviera

  1. What a great post, what an amazing wedding, incredible group of people and stunning collection of pictures that capture all of the above. Love the mustache and bubble shots.

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