April & Travis – Winter Wedding At Sunshine Ski Hill


Every time I get to see April & Travis I have a ton of fun. From the moment these two appeared on my doorstep I’ve had a blast getting to know them, getting to laugh with them, and most recently getting to shoot their wedding out at Sunshine Ski Hill. One of the pre requisites to being there on their amazing wedding day was a willingness to shoot pictures of them in full attire snowboarding out at Sunshine! I didn’t hesitate for a moment, and just watching them ride side by side at a place that means so much, was a special event. I think the people sitting on the Standish chair were in a state of shock – I couldn’t stop laughing hearing all the comments from above. Did I mention this happened before the ceremony? Yup – these two have no fear, they just wanted a few special images to remember their day. I’ve been to the ski hill countless times in my life, but this was the first wedding and something I’ll never forget. It was a beautiful setting, and with a great crew of fun friends and loving families around, made for a magical mountain wedding. _D7X2130b _D3X6632 _D3X6431 _D3X6669_D3X7696 _D3X6854 _D3X6994b _D3X7041b _D3X7010 _D3X7142b _D3X7368b _D3X7385b _D3X7483b _D3X7494b _D3X7577 _D3X7657
_D3X7891 _D3X7914 _D3X8013b _D3X8238 _D7X2458b _D7X2595b _D7X2616 _D3X8272 _D3X8498 _D3X8511 _D3X8554b


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