Ashlee & Max – Wedding at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Ashlee & Max are the kind of people you just want to know. They are so warm and welcoming, and simply fun to be around. In all the years I’ve been lucky enough to have a camera in hand, I’ve wanted to shoot out at the Chateau, and they gave me my chance. I spend a lot of time out there during the winter on the ski hill, but prior to their big day had never done a wedding at this stunning Fairmont property. Driving out that Friday morning I watched the blue skies reflecting off the surreal colour of the lakes, and to top it off some jagged rocky mountains, punchy white clouds, and a warm sun that was a constant companion during the shoot. Showing up to the suite where the girls were getting ready, I entered the realm of bobby pins, hair spray, straighteners, curlers, shadows, sticks, powders, and perfume. For the uninitiated, this could be a lot to take in, but the energy was amazing and her bridesmaids were such a treat to get to know. I pulled myself away to have a quick visit with the guys, and they definitely held up their end of the equation ribbing the groom and keeping a smile on his face. Both Max and Ashlee have some true friends – something that was really apparent during the speeches later that night. We made our way out on to the terrace overlooking the lake – talk about ideal setting! The ceremony was beautiful, officiated by the always talented Robin White, and with the music provided by the very soulful and incredibly skilled Scotty Hills. We took off right after the family formals, and had the run of the area, climbing hills, taking out canoes, playing the forests, and on the train. A memorable day to say the least – congratulations Ashlee & Max, a lifetime of thank you’s for inviting me there to cover your wedding day!


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