Negin & Michael – Wedding at the Green Water Resort in Pemberton

One of the best parts about being a photographer is getting to travel all over the place to shoot. Be it commercial work or wedding, there’s always something extra special about getting to go and shoot in an environment for the first time. This was the case when Negin & Michael asked me to shoot their wedding this summer out near Pemberton, BC. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s just a little further down the highway from Whistler. In reality, it couldn’t be more different than it’s much more famous neighbour. The area has a really laid back feel, with the combination of deep lush valleys and soaring peaks all around you. I’ve always loved getting to shoot mountain weddings, and the Green Water Resort provided the perfect setting for this intimate gathering. Even though the rain clouds pretty much threatened to pour the whole day, somehow they held off and really allowed the three of us to explore the valley & nearby town. I’ve had the pleasure of watching these two for some time now, and always enjoy getting to watch how they interact with each other. On their wedding day, the love & playfulness was visible at every turn – with each attention to detail, the unique and personal ceremony, and their amazing friends & family. A big thank you to the very talented crew of Filosophi Event Planning – always a treat to shoot a wedding that has been well planned!


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