NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew – Round 2

For this second round of portraits for the Calgary Flames Fire & Ice crew, I thought it would be fun to head up to the rafters in the Scotiabank Saddledome, since the last round of shots I did were underneath the lower bowl seating area. Lugging the heavy lights up those extra flights of stairs I started to wonder if it was such a good idea. It never ceases to amaze me how much time I spend packing, unpacking, and carrying an ever-growing assortment of gear with me on commercial shoots. Normally I love to travel light, but in commercial work you really need to have all of your kit ready to go (not sitting in a truck in the parking lot).



2 thoughts on “NHL Calgary Flames Fire & Ice Crew – Round 2

  1. Close Aydin – key light is a open dish behind me on camera right, fill coming from a second behind me camera left, then the rim light supplied by a speedlight tucked into the rafters in the background. We were shooting on a gangway suspended 75′ above the seats!

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