Carmen & Dean – Esession on a rainy evening in the fall


With summer drawing to a close, there are only so many days left to shoot before the white fluff starts filling the skies. Knowing this, I didn’t hesitate to meet up with Carmen & Dean, even though there was rain in the forecast. I love shooting in just about any condition, and there’s something magical about the kind of light you can get when it rains. As I told them, it turns every surface into a mirror – one of the reasons you often see wet roads in the movies. As an added bonus, with a slight chill to the air people hold each other that much closer. We started in Eau Claire for a few shots, before heading off to a spot I found along the Elbow river in the Mission area of Calgary. As the evening progressed, the light fell off fast, but with a warm sweater, wool coats, and a scarf they didn’t seem to mind. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next summer in the always lush month of June!



2 thoughts on “Carmen & Dean – Esession on a rainy evening in the fall

  1. WOW, AMAZING! Love them all! Wish we knew the photographer when dad and I got married. You sure picked the right one. Can’t wait to see what the wedding pictures going to be like.

  2. Carmen and Dean!! Wow these pictures are incredible and soooo beautiful!!! You both look so happy in all of them!! AND Carmen – I see you are wearing the dress we bought together in Van 🙂

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