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Melissa & Dan – Calgary Wedding on the long weekend


I’ve known Melissa my whole life, and even though she’s my cousin, the connection feels more like a sister. When she first starting seeing Dan, I had a feeling that there might be a wedding in the works down the road. When they approached me to shoot their wedding I couldn’t be more excited. Dan is a really great guy, and getting to know his family during the weekend I could see why. Doing the photography for somebody you know so well can be a wonderful, and sometimes challenging experience. From them I really wanted to show their real personality, and from me I expected nothing but the best. At some points during the wedding I had to just let the emotions I was feeling come through in the images. Sometimes having a really big camera held up to your face can hide some teary eyes. Congratulations Mel & Dan – and a lifetime of thank you’s for trusting in me. 

One response

  1. Awesome work Mark!

    October 20, 2011 at 3:13 pm

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