Lisa & Mike – August Wedding in Calgary

Chinese weddings, with the early morning tea ceremonies, beautiful colours, and elaborate multi-course meals, are always fun to shoot. I was lucky to do a few times this summer, and really got a feel for how significant this day is not only for the couple, but also for their family. It’s one of those special days where being open to new experiences really pays off. I met up with Lisa and her girls at first light just as the sun was coming across the lake. Even though it was in August, the heat of the day hadn’t yet set in. Just after they got ready, Mike & the guys showed up and proceeded to the games part of the day. For those of you who haven’t experienced this, it’s where the groomsmen get to help the groom in paying for the right to see his bride. Some of the shots were a little too, shall we say ‘suggestive’, to post to the blog, but suffice to say it was hilarious to watch them get their legs waxed, bite the swinging popsicle, and catch the slice of bread without using their hands. From there we went on to do the second tea ceremony before leaving for the wedding at the U of C. Following this, we ran around the city to check out some great shooting locations and eventually wound up at the Recency in Chinatown. It was a spectacular day, and such a wonderful treat both creatively and culturally, to be a part of.


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