Val & Spencer – Engagement session under a dramatic sky


When Val & Spencer first came to meet me for our initial consult, we immediately found some common ground in our interests – most specifically, fly fishing. Since getting to know them, Spence has sent me some great shots from their wilderness trips – always with fish in hand, although the last one Val definitely had the upper hand on Spence! The night we met up, the weather kept threatening to toss us a curveball, and although it did cut the shoot a little short, we were able to get up on the hill to watch one of the most dramatic skies I’ve ever seen in 30 years of living here in Calgary. I was fully expecting a downspout to develop right in front of our eyes – luckily, it faded just about as quickly as it started, leaving only a swath of heavy rain in it’s path (nothing worse!). I can’t wait to pick up where we left off at their wedding next month – I know it’s going to be a wonderful event. 


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