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Lisa & Mike – Esession on foot & bike

I met up with Lisa & Mike last week on a beautiful Monday night. They mentioned they would be bringing some cruiser bikes, so I suggested we first head down to the pathway along the Bow River downtown. After doing a few shots on Riverwalk, then around the Simmons Building, we headed off to another area I had seen during my scouting. It was a lot of fun getting to know these two and watch the way they played with each other. I am excited to be there to cover their wedding next month!

Jen & Chris – Wedding Photography from the Merridale Cidery, Vancouver Island

Last weekend I was at the Merridale Cidery just north of Victoria, on Vancouver Island, covering the beautiful wedding of Jen & Chris. Summers on the island are always spectacular, and it’s a real treat to be asked to come out from Calgary to capture a wedding. I’d only been to the cidery once before while doing my scouting, and was very much looking forward to the return trip. When I arrived the girls were getting pedicures out in the garden, and getting things sorted with the flowers and dresses inside the yurt. Jen was calm as ever, and expressed how excited she was about the wedding. Watching Jen being led down the grass walkway by her dad, and seeing the reaction on Chris’s face was something I’ll never forget. Even the tears welling in her eyes as he delivered his vows were pulling at my own heart strings. As I left them at the reception later that evening I smiled as the events of the day circled around in my mind. Congrats Jen & Chris!!

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation – Yoga on Riverwalk

I was recently commissioned by the CMLC to do a series of yoga shots on their newly constructed Riverwalk. The set up was kept fairly simple on purpose as the client was hoping to promote their new yoga classes being held adjacent to the historic Simmons building in the East Village. The three instructors were great to work with and more than happy to hold the postures while the battery powered studio flashes recharged. 

Vina & Raj – Victoria Wedding Photography, Vancouver Island BC

Everything about this wedding blew my mind. From the colours, to the jewelry, to the music, the dancing, to the food, to Vina & Raj. It was such a treat to spend the day with them in Victoria to do their wedding photography. As some of you may know, I used to live on the island and I’ll take any opportunity I can to get back there. I had only just met Vina the day before during their engagement session, but instantly got along and felt a warm connection to both her and Raj. Seeing them dressed in the full traditional attire on Saturday morning was nothing short of spectacular. They truly looked like they were straight out of a fairy tale. I had an amazing time with them, their great families, and friends. 

Zorin & Nagib – Victoria Esession

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Vina & Raj – Downtown Victoria BC Engagement Session


Victoria is a second home to me. Not only did I live on the island for 6 years, but have friends & family here as well. It’s a wonderful place to come back to, and when I was asked to come here to shoot for Raj & Vina I was really excited. On Friday we met up to do a quick engagement session in downtown, and also to get to know each other. I’ve known Raj for over 10 years now, but only met Vina the day before their wedding. She’s a sweetheart and has a wonderful and playful personality to match Raj. The three of us were together for just over an hour, but I could’ve spent the whole day with them. Esession one day (Friday), wedding the next, but for now, the sneaks…