Lindsey & Aaron – Beach wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

The first I heard of Lindsey & Aaron getting married in Playa Del Carmen was a short message that found its way to my Facebook inbox. I absolutely love to travel, and getting the opportunity to come here to shoot their wedding was an absolute treat. The Royal resort is truly stunning and provided the perfect backdrop for their photo sessions. I have to admit that shooting in the equivalent of 40 degrees celsius comes with some unusual challenges, and going from air conditioned rooms to humid sandy beaches put my Nikons through their paces. I had an incredible time with these two, their crazy-fun east coast families (anybody have any more great Kenny stories?), and their wonderful group of friends from the Western Canada. Now with three days left, there’s a sunny poolside lounger with my name on it.


17 thoughts on “Lindsey & Aaron – Beach wedding in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! Lindsay you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! What wonderful pictures! Congratulations guys…………see you at the reception back home!! xo

  2. Aaron and Lindsey, it looks like the perfect day, CONGRATS!!! Can’t wait to celebrate in Cape Breton.
    Love Cheryl

  3. Wedding looks fabulous !& Lindsey is stunning indeed…Congratulations to you both & wishing you a long & pashionate life together ❤ Lindsey & Aaron …

  4. Congratulations Aaron on the beautiful bride and the awesome pics! All the best to both of you 🙂


  5. Marc……… Thank you for capturing the love Lindsey & Aaron have for each other so beautifully. It was great to celebrate this special time with you.

    Lindsey & Aaron….happiness and joy is all I see when I look at these pictures. We love you and may God bless your future as husband and wife.

  6. Absolutely stunning. Beautiful place, beautiful people. Kenny I thought you were Frank Sinatra there for a minute, lol. Anne you look wonderful. Congrats Lindsey and Aaron!!! Lots of Luck in the future♥

  7. The pictures are absolutely stunning. The location is beautiful! I especially like the sandles on the guys and the picture of you and Lindsay walking in bare feet. Kenny looks pretty dapper in the hat too 🙂 Everyone looks so nice. Thanks for sharing the link, Anne. Please give my congratulations to the new couple and hugs to both you and Kenny. xo

  8. Un-believeable beauty…Ford Models watch out Lindsey coming to New York City, London, Paris….
    Love the pool shots…
    Everyone looks radiant…you, your Mom, sister, and love your Dad’s hat…
    Wish we could of been there!!!
    Some of the best photo’s I have ever seen..
    Wish you both many years for happy nest.
    Peter, Kathy, Jackson

  9. OMG! I have never seen more beautiful wedding pictures! Lindsey you are stunning and should be in a magazine!!! Much love and happiness to you both can’t wait to see you in July! xo

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