Lindsay & Mike – Winter Wedding in Calgary

The other weekend I spent the day with Lindsay & Mike to cover their wonderful winter wedding. We started shooting at Le Germain hotel in Calgary – probably one of the top boutique hotels I’ve ever shot, and it provided a great backdrop for the pictures considering it was almost minus 20 degrees on the other side of the glass doors. The reveal was in the lobby, and I have to admit to getting a tear in my eye watching as Lindsay came around the corner and Mike saw her in the wedding dress for the first time. I dragged both the girls and guys outside for a few minutes at a time to get some shots, but I think everybody was happy to stay warm inside. Once we got to the Calgary Golf & Country club for the ceremony/reception, things started to speed up. I have to give thanks to Jennifer Bergman and her team from Edmonton for doing such a stunning job on the decor and how everything ran so smoothly. I had a fantastic time with both Lindsay & Mike and am excited to put together their album!


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